Donna Elvira's tipical Modican Dolceria

There's one for everyone. Those moments when life discards the beaten tracks and, curving, gets along other paths and follows new ways.

Donna Elvira, dolceria tipica modicana, cioccolato modicano, mpanatigghie acquista onlineFor Donna Elvira that moment arrived in 1999, when her Dolceria was opened. She says: «I worked as employee for about 20 years. I managed every day with numbers, records, invoices. Then, I had the opportunity to buy out Mrs. Sudano's pastry shop. When she was only a little girl, Mrs. Sudano learned by the nuns all the secrets and the recipes of the typical cookies and pastries prepared in stately homes during Christmas and Easter time. After this training, she decided to open her own pastry shop, where she worked for all her life long. When she was very old and decided to close down her business, I understood very clearly that this cultural and gastronomic treasure was too precious to give it up. So I decided to inherit, preserve and give continuity to the culinary heritage belonging to community of Modica. I soon realized that in order to give a future to those traditions, it was necessary not only to remain faithful to the recipes and dosages, but also to take particular care of the selection of the raw materials."

It was, with no doubt, a good choice. Two times as good!

First of all, because those who come in will smell the fragrance of good things: you will find there the generosity of Sicily, the fragrance of baked goods, the aroma of spices and citrus fruits, and the respect for traditions. But also because Donna Elvira's fifteen-years personal research is able to mix together past and present, with the desire to give the modern recipes the connection with both the memory of ancient times and the simple, slow and silent ritual of the convents.

The marmalades and jams, made with the best fruit of the Slow Food Presidia in Sicily; the nougats made with almonds and honey from the Hyblaean; the 'mpanatigghie, proud of their Spanish plume of meat and chocolate; the Savoy cake and its ancient touch; the research of the finest cru of cocoa, processed according to the original Aztec tradition to create the unique Modican chocolate bars; the delicacy of marzipan sweets- the almond pastes, the pantry sweets and the colorful Martorana fruits ... well, all Donna Elvira's products are able not only to lead you through centuries of history, but also to show you the real love and passion they are made of. Her desire is to offer the most demanding palates a new creativity and a mix of palatable-but never sickly sweet flavors.

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